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Steve’s musical career started at an early age where he was an accomplished cornet and clarinet player.  His talents where soon spotted and and he soon found himself spending much of the 70’s touring the UK and Europe performing in Jazz and Dance Bands.

During this period Steve spent sometime in the studio recording and even taught himself to play the guitar, which further expanded his musical horizons into becoming a singer songwriter.

Whilst touring Steve would take the opportunity to take his guitar and perform his own songs at local open mike nights and during one such event he was invited to compete in a live radio singer songwriter competition judged by Des O’Connors Orchestra leader Geoff Love.

Despite missing out a verse and playing a very long acoustic solo in the middle of his first song Steve still managed to come second, and only because Geoff liked the second song better than his first !

Steve went on to form his own Rock Band Sid Mana which toured extensively in the UK.  It wasn’t long before Steve returned to his first love, the sounds of the Big Band and the Rat Pack and once again found himself back recording in  Strawberry Studios in Manchester, recording Jazz and Dance numbers once again.

In late 80’s Steve returned back to the South to spend more time with his family and concentrate on his career outside of music, although he continued to perform as a solo artist and as part of a duet.  

Ultimately music is in Steve’s blood and he couldn’t stay away for long and he was invited to join Heat as vocalist and spent many years touring the resorts of the South Coast enjoying much success.

But in 2003 Steve’s fortunes and direction where to change again whilst on a family cruise in the Mediterranean.  The Ships Karaoke was not going well and never one to shirk a challenge Steve grabbed the Mike and belted out a Sinatra number and brought the ship to life.  The Ships Entertainment Director was so impressed he asked Steve to Star in the Ships All Star Finale at the end of the week, and although a fare paying passenger he agreed.

Steve performed a Sinatra set to 1,000 passengers that night and brought the house down, Steve Getz was back where he wanted to be, back with the Big Band, back with the Rat Pack, and he hasn’t stopped performing since.

Sinatra once said may the last voice you hear be mine,  I would like to think the that the last great performance of a Sinatra song you hear, be mine”

Steve Getz

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