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Not such a Foggy Day as first release on Internet Chart reaches Number One


When Steve McKindland, 48 of Waterlooville, started touring the local pub and club circuit of Portsmouth and the surrounding area in 2003, performing his mix of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Rat Pack genre songs, he had no idea that in 2005 he would have a popular world wide following and a number one chart position to his name.

Since the launch of his website earlier this year and the release of his CD “ To Be Frank”, Steve, stage name “Steve Getz” decided that the internet was the perfect medium to showcase his talents to a wider audience, that would hopefully bring in more bookings and CD sales.

The website was chosen as the perfect platform from which to start, a web site where signed and unsigned artists can launch their own artist page, upload mp3’s of their music to played and downloaded, and give a world wide audience the opportunity to vote hot or flop.

With many genres of music and sub genres Steve elected to post just one track initially, his version of Frank Sinatra’s Foggy Day into the Jazz Swing Chart, a sub genre of the main Jazz Chart.  The chart is a daily chart, with chart positions decided by the number of unique audio plays, downloads and votes each track receives.

Day one saw Foggy Day chart at 33 out of over 400 tracks, which was an impressive first days performance.  But after 8 days of watching Foggy Day creep up the chart it has finally made the Number 1 spot having received the highest combination of unique plays, downloads and votes.

“Its unbelievable” said Steve “ I never thought I could make an impact so quickly, to be Number 1 in the Jazz Swing Chart and Number 13 in the Jazz Chart at the same time is incredible”

Even more incredible when considering there are 439 tracks in the Jazz Swing Genre of which 129 receive enough plays to reach the charts, and 11,319 tracks are in the Jazz Genre, of which 1,754 receive enough plays to reach the Jazz Chart.

Steve commented “Its amazing to think there are people all over the world who would probably never hear me sing, now have my music on their PC or mp3 player and they have voted me Number 1”

Over the last 8 days Steve has received fan mail from Israel, Belguim, Nigeria, America as well as the UK, and has been added to the favourite Soundclick stations of many users, the internet really has proven to be a perfect showcase for Steve’s talents, but what’s next for Steve ?

“I will be adding more tracks for download free of charge to Soundclick, the audience is massive and the potential also, but I also want to be able to put an album online for download, that’s the next step, and then who knows maybe an agent or management company will pick up on what I do and take me on”

Background Information

Steve McKindland, stage name Steve Getz, 48, lives with his wife Sue, daughter Emma and son James in Kennedy Close, Waterlooville.  Steve is a full time Sales Consultant with Wickes in Waterlooville. was founded in 1997 and produced the First Internet Charts and currently has 1.2 million songs from 196,000 artist worldwide stored on its servers, and boasts 1.5 million members. have 16 main chart categories with sub charts within those categories, with chart positions posted daily at 10am UK time.  Chart positions are calculated on the number of unique audio plays, downloads and votes each track receives.

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